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Hey Columbus and Hilliard, Discover How Easily You Can Burn Fat, Sculpt Those Abs, Tone That Butt, and Shape Those Hips and Thighs With Just Three 30-45 Minute Boot Camp Sessions A Week!

Congratulations! You are in the right place! Yun Fit the UN bootcamp (formerly Yun Fitness Boot Camps) will help transform your body into what you have been trying so hard to achieve. And stay that way. That's the important part, right? No more lose weight, gain weight back plans for you. These fitness UN boot camps will get your butt in gear, and prime your body and mind for muscle tone, rapid fat loss, increased strength gain, cardiovascular improvements, and nutritional guidance!

Still skeptical? That's normal and healthy. But our fitness system has proven itself time and time again. Don't miss the boat! The workouts are quick, convenient, challenging and fun! Low intensity exercise doesn't work in the long run. You need to challenge yourself. And the great thing about Yun Fit the UN Boot Camp is even if you are male or female, out of shape or in excellent fitness shape, old or young, it doesn't matter! These camps are designed for you! But you need to take action, get out of your comfort zone, and let Yun Fitness The UN Boot Camps help you achieve your goals!

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Schedule and Location for our Group Fitness Classes (aka Bootcamp)

Hilliard: 4601 Leap Ct, 43026
Morning MWF- 515-550 am, 600-645 am, 945-1030 am
Evening MTR- 530-615 pm, 630-715 pm

Downtown Columbus: 588 W. Gay St, 43215
MWR- 600-645 am, 510-545 pm, 600-645 pm, 700-745 pm


2016 Launches our 2nd 47-


Ketogenic Diet Challenge!


Transformation Challenge!

Starts 1/17/16


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What you can expect from a Fitness UN Boot Camp, Yun Style:

  • Why the UN- Bootcamp destinction?- We consider ourselves more then just a typical fitness bootcamp class. We focus a lot more on your nutrition, goal setting, outside camp motivation and accountabiltiy. We like to think of ourselves as large group personal training.
  • Fitness Ranking System: FitRanx, gives all clients predicitable short-term goals to shoot for each workout, Click here to find out more about our awesome ranking system.
  • 4 weeks of camp followed by 1 transition week for our FitRanX Assessment days. 3 days a week of intense, challenging, and fun group exercise. Plus Saturday workouts! And now Yoga!
  • Time friendly. Only 35-45 minutes per class
  • 2 weeks absolutely free to all new campers. "Try before you buy".
  • Specifically designed workouts that can accommodate a wide variety of fitness levels. Just do what you can if you're a beginner. The more advanced you are- challenge yourself to get more done in less time. Always progress, never regress.
  • Equipment that challenges all the muscles of the body. Kettlebells, sandbags, resistance bands, medicine balls, bodyweight, Equalizers, heavy bags, suspension trainers, stability balls, and much more
  • All facets of fitness included in each class. Fat loss, strength, flexibility, conditioning, power, endurance, muscle tone, mobility. We've now even added Foam Rolling (Self-Massage) to our everyday routine for even better results, recovery and health
  • Full body, interval type training. The absolute best for weight loss, fat loss and strength gains. No 'Cardio'! Get in shape faster, lose weight quicker, look better naked! Metabolic workouts to drive your metabolsim through the roof!
  • Featuring the scientifically proven Music Interval Training System--Workout Muse during workouts for extra intensity and monstrous fat burning
  • Nutrition tips, meal plans, and recipes to help expedite your weight loss & fat loss goals
  • Restore functional movement patterns and correct posture
  • Look better naked
  • Enjoy meeting new people, make new friends, with similar goals as you
  • Fun, cooperative, team-like atmosphere
  • Not a military style fitness bootcamp. We will not yell at you. Laid back feeling, conducive to constant progress
  • Fitness games included. You won't even know you're working out
  • Gain more energy, confidence, self-esteem
  • You never know what to expect. Each day is different. Just show up and expect to have a great, fun, challenging fitness UN boot camp workout
  • Get into bathing suit shape-- and stay that way
  • Fit into your skinny jeans again
  • Notch up your belt buckle 1 or 2 more rungs
  • Boot Camp Sessions run 4 weeks on with 1 week transition for our FitRanX Assessments throughout the year so there is no plateaus
  • Discounts for students, teachers, nurses, fire/police/ems, military, family packages, and buddy packages
  • Enhance all aspects of your life! Physical, emotional, mental, spiritual
  • Costs just a fraction of what you would pay for one on one personal training
  • Your instructors are certified fitness professionals that guarantees results
  • Done-For-You Meal Plans & Nutrition Ebooks Written by owner and certified sports nutritionist, Jason Yun, that will help take your body and health to the next level
  • And as an added bonus you will receive the Special UN Boot Camp Welcome Pack.... It includes Your Look Better Naked Nutrition Blueprint, The 25 Rules of Fat Loss CD, Buddy Gift Cards, Sponsor Coupons, and a New Client Success System.








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